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Tanja Ayesha

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Biking with Veloretti

August 16, 2020


In collaboration with Veloretti // We live in one of the biggest bike cities in the world and the kids learn how to bike as soon as they can sit on a bike. When we bike so much, we need good bikes with no nonsense and have fallen in love with the classic Veloretti bikes. 

We chose the junior for Adam in navy blue with a white helmet and the tricycle for Amaya in pebble grey with a matching colour helmet. The tricycle can be transformed into a balance bike, so it will grow with the child. I love the contemporary design of the Veloretti bikes that are all designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Europe. The kids enjoyed their first time out on them this morning and can't wait to take them out on adventures around Copenhagen.

A La Mer

July 22, 2020

In collaboration with Babyshop // Summertime equals spending as much time at the beach as possible and although the weather has been cold and windy, we've done our best to enjoy it. We've teamed up with favourite Babyshop for these cool Mini Rodini looks. Adam picked out the shorts and I'm a sucker for stripes, so these were perfect for Amaya. I love their A La Mer collection that makes me think of the French Riviera and Chanel.

charlie chair

June 24, 2020

In collaboration with ecobirdy // we love sustainability and ecofriendly products, which is some of the reasons that we fell in love with the charlie chair. Like all ecobirdy products, the charlie chair is made from recycled plastic toys. I love that the edges are rounded and soft and that it's lightweight, but still stable, so it's not easy to tip over. Amaya crawls around on it all the time. She really loves it and know it's HER chair. It comes in 5 cool colours all with a speckled look of old plastic toys.