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October 29, 2016

Ahh - I love knits. One of the reasons I love fall is that you can wear knits everyday - even from top to toe, and cashmere is my absolute favourite. I know it's a luxury, but it's an everyday luxury I'm willing to pay for, because not only do I wear my own all year, Adam does the same and they will last years if you take good care of them. When they get bobbly, just run a cashmere comb over them to get rid of bobbles and they're good as new.

I have bought Adam four cashmere knits this season - so far - this and this from Zara - they are okay quality, this from Cos, which is super soft and such a beautiful colour (thinking of buying the next size up too for next year) and this cute cardigan from Livly, which has the cutest embroidery on the back - I'll do a post with Adam wearing it soon.

Buying good quality pieces even for your little ones is the way to go. Even though they are more expensive, you know they will look great for longer and you can even pass them down to other siblings or sell them. Adam really doesn't have a lot of clothes - I try to buy quality before quantity for both him and I.
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