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November 13, 2016

It's Sunday...and a real slow one in our home. Both my husband and I have a terrible cold - he's in bed (you know men), Adam's napping and I'm laying on the sofa, while writing this post. Adam's had a cold for so long, so I'm pretty sure we got it from him...

Remember the post I did about the cute organic clothing we found at Little Green Sky? Here's that cute cashmere cardigan from Livly. It's so super soft and comfy and love that embroidered detail on the back.

I got Adam to sit still with one of his soft toys for these pictures (just turn on Postman Pat or Paw Patrol and he'll forget everything around him...) I love how he kisses the toy on the mouth in the last picture - cheeky little man. He'll crush some hearts, I can tell already...
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