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March 2, 2017
As much as I'm into a minimal wardrobe, I do love my jewellery. Luckily, if you decide to do a capsule wardrobe like myself, accessories are not included...

I love gold jewellery and I don't have anything but gold amongst my collection. It's not like I own a lot of pieces, but the ones I have are special to me and I wear them all the time, and a lot of them I don't ever take off. 

Danish brand Rebekka Rebekka is among my favourites - I just love the Scandinavian design that has a touch of ethnic to it - like this necklace - I feel it has something Indian about it. 
I pair it with my month necklace from the same brand that I bought in summer and I wear this combo all the time. The month necklace is very special to me, since I chose to get "September", which is the month Adam was born and I never take it off. 

The earrings are super beautiful too - in 18K gold plated like the necklace - they go with everything and will be so beautiful in summer, when I get a tan. 

Absolutely love this brand - I have several other pieces on my wishlist like a couple of their amazing bracelets. They also do the pieces in both silver and some in rhodium too.

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