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September 29, 2017

I just love the smell of eucalyptus and they are also very beautiful - that faded green colour just like the leaves on olive trees. 

I bought these for Adam's birthday almost 3 weeks ago now and they had dried, so I was about to throw them away, when I though 'why not make a wreath out of them'. I'm all about recycling and reusing instead of throwing things away...

I didn't have anything around except for some thin steel wire, but I wanted the wreath to be dainty anyway, so it worked fine to do the base with a couple of layers of the wire. I then started adding branches of eucalyptus using the wire to fasten them to the base and it took me less than 10 minutes to make this.

A super easy and quick diy for any of you wanting to reuse withered flowers or branches. 
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