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October 18, 2017

we LOVE knits! And with LOVE I mean we live in them all fall and winter...well even in spring and summer. In summer I bought this super comfy and warm cardigan from Aymara for Adam and since it mostly felt like fall he wore it as a jacket most of the summer.

I didn't know the brand before buying the cardigan at Smallable, but found out that the brand is founded by Belgian Sven and Peruvian Yannina. Their lovely knits are made in Peru in their family owned knitting factory. They make knits for both women, men and children and even sell baby alpaca yarn on the e-shop for those who love knitting themselves.

I absolutely love their authentic and sustainable knits mainly made from baby alpaca. I have said it so many times, but quality pieces really will last a lifetime. Especially knits will last a lifetime and can easily be passed down through generations.

The beautiful knits are gifted by Aymara - 
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