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hydrangea wreath...

October 27, 2017

hydrangeas might be my favourite flower. I love them in every colour and I love them even more dried and they are beautiful in wreaths.
I picked some in the garden recently before they turned brown to make a wreath out of them. I didn't have anything else but some thin wire, which is not ideal if you want to make one too. Use a thicker kind of wire or one of those wreaths made of straw (which will be best for outdoors, if you want to put one on our front door) will be ideal.
The flowers are quite heavy, when they have not dried yet, so my wreath was not round after I was done and put it up on our kitchen door. However, after the flowers have dried they are very light, so I was able to make the wreath more round, though it is still not perfect.
A great idea for a diy for the weekend ahead:)
1 comment on "hydrangea wreath..."
  1. This is such a lovely project.
    I’m going to make a few for my sister’s upcoming wedding!