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homemade confections with Nordstjerne...

November 19, 2017

this is the season to cosy up at home. I try to do a few different diy's every year and this year we are starting with homemade confections. I'm normally not that crazy about marzipan, but these are really delicious and crunchy and really easy to make - I'm sharing the recipe below, so make sure you try it out.

I had planned on Adam and I doing this together, but all he did was eat the chocolate and stress me out. So if you have a busy 3 year old too, I suggest you make these on your own...The mess after was...well...a lot...nuts, chocolate everywhere on the floor...I was also stressing about the light, because it gets dark SO early and it was raining all day, but luckily I got some nice shots anyhow...

Making these in style thanks to the beautiful pieces from Nordstjerne. I love their beautiful collection of decor made of brass, marble and suede; very Nordic, raw and simple. They also make the most beautiful christmas decorations in beautiful colours and materials. I especially the Tibetan singing bowl and the brass tray are favourites and they can be used for all kinds of things. - Love pieces like that.

As for the recipe for these marzipan balls with crocant...


100 g sugar 
1/2 table spoon butter
50 g mixed nuts (I used almonds and hazelnuts, but pecans are also really nice)

200 g marzipan
100 g dark chocolate

1. Melt the sugar on a dry pan and add the butter. Add the nuts and cover them in caramel.

2. Put the crocant on some bakingpaper to cool down and then chop it into small pieces. Put some away to use as topping.

3. Knead the marzipan and crocant together and roll small balls

4. Melt the chocolate over water. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate and add the rest of the crocant as topping. 

Made in collaboration with Nordstjerne
1 comment on "homemade confections with Nordstjerne..."
  1. these looks so elegant that i dont know if i have the skills to actually come up with it. butthen again, you have gone through the recipe so efficiently that i believe i have a chance