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December 10, 2017

 memories...we try to keep them in our hearts, but slowly they will disappear, if we don't save them. It can be in photos, but also by writing those special moments down on paper. I regret not having started this when Adam was born, because I've lost so many fun things he has done or said, special events or things that I just wish I could remember forever...but have forgotten already...

I recently started writing things down in these suede notebooks from Nordstjerne. Small things he says or memories I just want to keep. My plan is to have some polaroid looking photos printed to put into the books too. I'll probably fill these with memories in no time at all, so notebooks are always on my wishlist. These with the suede cover comes in 6 beautiful colours. A great personal gift for someone you hold dear - as you can fill it with memories you did together, favourite recipes or let the person fill it with their own words. 
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