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October 24, 2018

It's my favourite time of the year! Autumn is just so beautiful - the changing of nature's many colours and the fresh, crisp air. I love bundling up wearing warm sweaters and hiding indoors with lit candles and warm cocoa, when it's windy, dark and rainy out... I'm such a homebody, so this time of year fits me oh so well.

Every autumn I make a couple of wreaths to have indoors and there are so many beautiful dried flowers if you walk around in nature or in this case - my mum's garden. I used 5 different ones in this wreath with hydrangeas being the main flower. Hydrangeas are so beautiful and they will last all winter if you take them in to dry now, before it gets too wet out. I love them dried in vases, in wreaths or other decorations.

I made a base of two willow branches with wire around and started adding flowers in small bouquets using the wire to make them stay in place. It really took no time at all. Just remember to pick more flowers than you think you'll need. I had to go an extra round in my mum's garden to have enough of all the flowers, but ended up with enough flowers to make two wreaths - one for my mum and one for my grandma.

I'm no specialist in flowers or in making wreaths at all, but I liked the result. Use the wreath on the table and add pillar candles in the middle or hang it in the home or on your door.
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